Welcome to Dunlin Exim

Dunlin Exports, founded by Mr Vishal Atreya, a professional chef with over 2 decades of experience and Ms Megha Atreya as partners, is an Export and Import organization focused on sourcing the best quality products from India.

International trade is one of the hot industries of the new millennium. With our expertise, technical knowhow and a very distinct position in the industry, we guarantee a competitive edge in both quality and price to all our global customers. Our expertise at all level of export process gives us a clear edge over others.

It is important to understand the quality of the product before buying. At Dunlin Exim our duty is to make sure that you get the best quality product for the best price. With focus on the latest product sourcing technologies for specialty products based on market demand, we do every operation with ease.

We are your trusted representative for exports from India, be it agricultural products, processed foods, food additives, spices, handicraft goods and garments, with our professional approach and quality control measures, we guarantee all the shipments for quality prompt delivery and best price, hence we are a trusted & preferred representative of global customers for exports from India.

Our policy is strongly built on our overall quality intention and direction to process and deliver every export order on time and every time that confirm to international standards and buyer’s specifications.

Why People Trust Us?

Prompt Delivering

Leadership Team

Vishal Atreya


Megha Atreya


Our Vision

Dunlin Exim strives to become the preferred exporter for global customers for agricultural products, processed food products, spices, food additives, handicrafts products and garments and always ensure to adhere with Quality, Better pricing, Prompt delivery and manage all with our Expertise in Global Exports.

Our Mission

With the support from the expert team at Dunlin Exim, our mission is to supply a comprehensive range of best quality products sourced from the best of the producers and provide our global customers at the right prices along with a prompt delivery, thus ensuring a complete client satisfaction.